A captivating, exclusive event bridging the gap between traditional fashion and digitalisation welcomed an array of high-profile innovation leaders such as D&G, VALENTINO, HUGO BOSS, L’Oréal, Meta, and SWAROVSKI. Hosted for its second year during Milan Fashion Week, the Digital Couture Summit is a modernistic, immersive fashion event that couples luxury fashion houses with pioneers of digital couture. This year, leading luxury fashion houses linked arms with digital counterparts from SEAMM, CHIPPED, DRESSX, SYKY, and Beyond Luxury to shed light on the importance of new-tech incorporations within the luxury sector. The Digital Fashion Summit was overflowing with immersive experiences, workshops, presentations and thought provoking discussions. A first-of-its-kind, the summit made history this year as the first digital fashion summit to score a place in the Milan Fashion Week schedule. For futuristic fashion enthusiasts, GLITCH has been given the inside scoop on this next level event.  

Established in 2023, the Digital Fashion Summit is the brainchild of digital fashion and web3 conferences advisor Nikki Cikaluk, and sustainable fashion designer and Ecoolska founder Olska Green. Forward-thinkers, this power-duo seamlessly presented an assortment of keys to unlocking a more sustainable future in fashion, harnessing the potential of technological advancements. Most importantly, Cikaluk and Green, alongside their collaborators, are facilitating the blend between physical and digital fashion by making it accessible, immersive and streamlined. As a result of this, brands like D&G are integrating mandatory training on web3 and NFTs for all employees. Davide Sgherri, head of New Media at D&G discussed the importance of gaining knowledge on new-tech, stating, “The brand is doing it, you are part of the brand and need to know what we are talking about.” 

The Summit boasted an astonishing line-up of highlights, from the debuts of digital fashion and beauty brands SEAMM and CHIPPED, providing guests with the opportunity to become fully immersed in the latest industry innovations, to the captivating showmanship made possible by Digital Couture Summit’s partners and sponsors. Brands like SEAMM are simplifying web3 technology, integrating advanced technologies such as AR try-on, customisation, and game/metaverse transfers into a singular hub. Made available as both a web and app solution, it’s changing the game for B2B and B2C markets. SEAMM’s systems are eliminating the need for blockchain designers, making it easier for traditional fashion houses to more rapidly evolve with the fast-paced times. 

The ultimate showstopper of the evening had to be the Phygital Runway Show presented by Ecoolska and Isadoska. “The Green Matrix” is a prime example of a groundbreaking phygital partnership at work. Brought to life by founder of next-gen sustainable phygital fashion brand Ecoolska, Polska Green, and digital fashion designer, researcher and visionary founder of Isadoska, Jessica Evans, the collection was expertly crafted to spotlight how digital and physical collaborations can lead to a far more sustainable future in fashion. The physical aspect of “The Green Matrix” was made by Olska Green entirely from thrifted clothes. The digital aspect, designed by Jessica Evans, showcases the vital use of sustainable material. Using algae, a hopeful avenue for sustainable textile production, Evans and Green combined upcycled materials and eco-friendly biomaterial composed of algae in order to promote the promising future of textile production. The collection was set in the fused landscapes of a scientific algae lab and traditional fashion studio, directed by stylist Alexandra Artemova. 

Of course, there is no future of fashion without the designers and innovators of tomorrow. With this in mind, students of the leading Milan Fashion Institutions NABA and Marangoni were recruited to take part in the runway show, cheered on by their professors who also attended the summit. Nikki Cikaluk and Olska Green alongside some incredible partners and collaborators are positively shifting the landscape of the future. It’s one thing to dream of what fashion can become, it’s another to have it all laid out before you. 

Written by Ashley Jade Callahan from GLITCH Magazine



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