Milan’s Digital Fashion Party with IZY Studio
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Milan, Italy – February 24th, 2024 – IZY Studio, a phygital brand spearheaded by Zarina Izy, hosted a digital party that intercepted the traditional Milan fashion calendar and welcomed a community of forward thinkers.

The in-person party took place in the heart of the city, but served as a platform to unveil the latest advancements in digital fashion. The hosts presented a series of groundbreaking initiatives that are redefining the way we perceive and engage with clothing. The messaging and conversation was poignant and disruptive amidst one of the most traditional European fashion weeks.

At its core, IZY Studio is deeply committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity, ensuring an ethical approach to work. The brand’s dedication to eco-sustainability is evident in every creation, seamlessly integrating responsible practices with avant-garde design.

IZY Studio is about more than just apparel, and fosters immersive experiences that elevate fashion to an art form, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AR and AI. Positioning themselves at the frontier of fashion development, their first venture into the live-event space was a notable success in furthering their phygital mission.

To open the evening, Xyrena, IZY Studio’s AI avatar, delivered a compelling message about the brand’s vision to harmonize traditional couture with digital advancements. This AI presentation set the tone for the evening and reinforced IZY Studio’s commitment to sustainability driven innovation. The brand later unveiled their newest phygital debut, the GAIA dress, which is purchased alongside its digital twin. The attendees further experienced virtual AR mirrors, where they were able to try-on and pose with a variety of fun and fresh digital attire.

The event also had an area dedicated to the” Meta Sphere Gallery”, featuring IZY Studio’s AR Impulse collection, as well as collaborative digital fittings with influencers @Leo_17, Dani Loftus @thisoutfitdoesnotexist, and DRAUP, and 3D animation videos showcased the Soul of Sparta collection. 

Guests mingled and conversed to the background of DJ Armadisco’s energetic beats, and were treated to dance performances by Aissana Zhenis and Aru Orynbassar.

The Digital Fashion Party was an embodiment of IZY Studio’s pioneering spirit, and willingness to shake up the fashion industry. Attendees interestingly left with “Proof of Attendance” tokens, which replicated the proof of purchase technology becoming more readily integrated into our modern fashion offering. These tokens heralded future innovative events and are supposed to provide access to future exclusive utilities.

IZY Studio has already garnered numerous awards, including first place in AR garment creation, first place in 3D fashion animation, and the prestigious Best Digital Designer Award, at Uzbekistan Fashion Week.  Zarina Izy continues to cultivate a young and digitally enthused community, and it remains exciting to see where both her artwork, and her experience curation, could take her. 

Written by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine


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