Digital-Era Bijoux with Angelescu Studio


Angelescu Studio is one of the world’s first Web-3 jewelry brands, fusing human and machine creativity, and forging it into precious metal. The Brooklyn-based brand sits confidently on the vanguard of digital fashion.

No ordinary jeweler, Angelescu Studio creates  using an eclectic combination of AI generative tools, 3d printing, and traditional metalwork, resulting in collections that feel bespoke, couture, and yet sing to a new world of consumerism.

“The Studio aims to push beyond the conventional boundaries of jewelry design – by integrating 3D printing, augmented reality, microchips, we are creating an entirely new body of work. Our drive is fuelled by a pointed interest in the interplay between fashion, art and technology, and a commitment to exploring the future of design” – Patricia Musat, Founder of Angelescu Studio

In July 2023 Angelescu Studio debuted Robot, Generation 00. This drop featured a selection of artistic rings embedded with microchips that confirm both physical and digital ownership. Each ring is partnered with a unique robot portrait that lives endlessly in the blockchain, and is owned outright by the ring’s wearer.

Garbed in these significant pieces, the jewelry clad owners are also privy to exclusive perks, and future drops, made possible by Angelescu Studio’s partnership with Solaire, who facilitate this seamless phygital interplay. This collection was launched with an AI-generated short film entitled ‘Robot’. The film was screened across the globe in the fashion capitals of NYC, Paris, and London last year during the Digital Fashion Week in each city.

‘From the Shadows’ was a second film debuted by Angelescu Studio which also used AI-generated tools and premiered as part of the 15th edition of A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival. Music for the film was composed by Kody Chambers, an American composer, music producer, and an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter. The film explores identity and fashion in the age of AI, and marks Angelescu Studio’s venture into explorative fashion film.

It is only just the beginning for Angelescu Studio, who celebrates 2 years since its launch, and  has a vast range of perceptive and intricate ideas motivating the brand’s concepts. Musat tells GLITCH that Angelescu Studios is “both for anyone who seeks to make a marked statement with their jewelry, but also for consumers who want to sit at the cutting edge of design and digital innovation.”

The importance of wearable digital integration goes beyond technology in fashion. The increasing collaborations between tech companies and fashion brands have begun to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. Angelescu Studio is at the forefront of a technology-infused fashion movement, continuously innovating and adapting to the dynamic changes in this new era in fashion.

Angelescu Studio continues to explore the human partnership with ‘The Robot’ – a term the Studio has adopted to describe a combination of generative AI tools – and this robot’s impact through design as we enter a brand new era. The Studio is set to dive deeper into AI fashion and art over the coming months, ahead of an exciting new jewelry collection organized for release in September 2024.

Written by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine


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