In conversation with Luna Baba | Instagram Stylist and Mother To Mew Swim

Luna Baba is known for her stylish eclecticism – which entertains her 100K plus audience across Instagram and TikTok. She is also the founder of MEW Swim, a niche California beachwear brand which offers a feminine selection of bikinis and undergarments, and plays with a series of unusual prints inspired by anime figures or burnt paper. 

Whilst she rushed around Paris for the final days of fashion week, GLITCH had a brief moment to pick her brains about the upcoming season.

Luna Baba’s “In” List For March 2024

    • Anthropomorphic Themes – Leopard print is already dominating the scene, and  nature-borrowed aesthetics, prints and silhouettes. From cat-ear hats and to tabis, it’s all having a moment.
    • Exaggerated Feminine Silhouettes – Think peplums and hip pads – we’re celebrating femininity through fashion and letting our bodies rest.
    • 2010s Punk – Skinny jeans, Studs and Safety pins. Think Jenny from Gossip Girl but revamped for 2024. Don’t forget a smoky eye ‘from last night’
    • Fur stoles, Wraps and Capelets – but upcycled or vintage
    • Wearing your favorite shoes ’til they are beat and have holes in the soles. 
    • DIY everything
    • Keychains and Stickers
    • Pastel Pirates
    • Transparent Layers 
    • Thigh high boots
    • Teeny-tiny skinny leather jackets
    • Bonnets 
    • Sense of Humour 

Luna Baba’s Out List For Jan 2024

  • Heavy Logo Branding – we want luxury fashion to provide quality and lasting performance over name-dropping. 
  • Sterile, uniform, minimalist decor. Instead, we should be focusing on personality and character: what is your design identity; what’s your story? Retail interiors are definitely going back to a more themed approach versus the decade-long reign of the white wall sterility (unless all white everything is specifically your thing, like Margiela, see what i mean?) 
  • Following Trends – it’s now an era of having a philosophy that dictates your preferences.
  • Wearing Things Once For Social Media. Out out out!
  • Flaunting. We want motivation not bragging 

What do you hope will become consumers’ main buying focus this month?

Timelessness and Meaning

What innovative products do you think consumers will be ready for in March 2024 and beyond?

I think consumers will be more ready for functional and honest products. Big Tech today largely isn’t listening to their consumers, and instead is force-feeding us features we hardly need. I think we are ready for modern technology and AI that aids our daily life, rather than creating false realities. I think consumers are leaning into simplified lifestyles.

On another note – stylish umbrellas. No seriously – all this rain during fashion week and I for one hate my generic umbrella! Where are the ruffles? I need embroidered umbrellas. 

What will make its stamp on social media in March?

For definite, Galliano’s artisanal Margiela –  we will never be over it. It was such a breath of fresh air. I also think we might see more dark, mysterious, and witchy aesthetics infiltrating the styles and ideas being socials. Scary girl era maybe.

Which emerging brand should be on our radars as Spring blossoms? 

To name just a few I would say Dilara Findikoglu, KNWLS, Shushu Tong, Yuhan Wang, Rui, Melitta Baumeister, Hodakova, Standing Ground, Fidan Novruzova and Elena Velez. And of course my own brand, Mew Swim.

What colour palettes, patterns, and materials do you predict for the next fashion season?

  • Animal prints – especially bambi and leopard.
  • Tartan prints.
  • Subtle colour mixes
  • Earthy tones with unexpected coloured accents 
  • Minty greens and Burgundy reds
  • Leather and metals – gladiator-girl vibes.

What or who is your current style inspiration? 

What colour palettes, patterns, and materials do you predict for the next fashion season?

  • Animal prints, especially bambi and leopard 
  • Tartan
  • Subtle colour mixes, earthy tones with unexpected colour accents 
  • Minty greens and burgundy reds
  • Leather and metals. gladiator-girl vibes

Written by Hebe Street

Words by Luna Baba


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