Mathilde Rouger, CSM graduate of 2020 talking us through her “No Waste Lego” Collection.


Who is Mathilde ?

In this day and age, what inspired you to choose Fashion Design as your pathway? For many aspiring Designers like yourself, the Fashion Industry and what it meant to be a designer 5 - 10 years ago would have looked very different from what it is now and will be 5-10 years ahead.

Fashion is going to have to be sustainable. We are going to observe new ethical models, tech innovations and production systems focused on eradicating waste and producing garments that last made by people whom are paid fairly.

How has the shift in the Industry towards a more Environmentally and Socially Conscious Industry, influenced your career aspirations?

In your most recent collection, “The Modular Augmented Capsule” you incorporate both Sustainability and Technology through Up-cycled materials while also hinting at an approach of Circularity.

What was your Creative process in selecting which materials to use to enable its “re-usability”? and what are the benefits of construction through Tessellated Modules?

I think when you are working sustainably you reverse your mind set, you start with material and then go on to design, you can’t design ex-nihilo.

Through this collection, have you made any discoveries on new materials which prolong durability, reusability that were integrated into your designs?

With the transformation that the Industry is undergoing to meet Environmental and Social Responsibility demands, we can expect increased Innovation in Garment Design and Production.

With this in mind, what are the avenues you wish to explore in your Creative Design to help you reach this new standard?

Through the implementation of Sustainable ways and Technology, how do you suggest we “rebuild a better new normal” in the Fashion Industry, post COVID-19?

What is your opinion on the concept of ‘Circular Economy’ and its impact on Designers like you?

Which recent developments have you explored and applied that bridge Technology and Fashion?

What are your views on Fashion approaching Non-Seasonal Collections? How will this affect you or benefit your Sustainable approach to Fashion?

What brands do you think are pioneering in the incorporation of new technology through Fashion?

Do you think if Fashion fails to incorporate Sustainability it will become irrelevant in the future?


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