A conversation with Nyaono, the brilliant Estonian Contemporary Dancer and Fashion Stylist.


What made you chose the pathway of a stylist?

I would say that the work of a stylist is like a self-identification of my external image and projection of my inner world into the present.

We notice you have an eye for altering proportions and perspective on physical appearances and the surroundings of your photos. Tell us a bit more about this, what is your intention with it, and what is the process of it?

What are your favourite brands to work with and why?

What’s the most important item/s in an outfit for you?

One of the topics you wanted to explore is contemporary dance. Is this one of your sources of inspiration? Are you a contemporary dancer?

For me dance is a form of reflection and self-knowledge.

Do you still perform and how does this crossover with your styling career?

Would you consider it a form of further self-expression in your creative style?

How has contemporary dance culture influenced your creative work?

Would you suggest you have a theatrical approach to your style and inspiration?

How does Digital art play a key role in your creative process?

Would you say you try and balance digital vs. traditional art when producing content? If yes, how?

The concept of art is very relative. I can't combine it with anything, because I can't separate it from everything that exists. But I like the idea of a combination of the real world with the virtual and fictional.



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