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The allconsuming digital world. A technological dimension that distracts, intrigues, occupies and makes one forget the fundamental things that assist in functioning at one’s best as a human. The growing emphasis on merging digital and physical is simultaneously uprooting core practices of peace, mindfulness and minimalism, thrusting the younger generations in particular, into a hazardous spiral. In this digital age, there is an urgent call for artistic pioneers to rewrite the narrative before a grim ending is reached. To retain balance in this unrelenting, chaotic world, there must be leaders like Krista Kim. A guiding light amongst the blurred lines and muddied signals. 

Nestled in the northwest of Kyoto, Japan lies Ryōan-ji. A Zen temple where, in the gardens, contemporary artist Krista Kim experienced feelings of unmatched serenity. A feeling that inspired her to cultivate that same tranquillity in the digital space, in some of the busiest places around the world. Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum was held in Davos, where Krista Kim presented her work entitled, “Mindfulness in Continuum”.


Defined as a “coherent whole characterised as a collection, sequence, or progression of values or elements varying by minute degrees. 

Krista Kim translated this into a series of colourful gradients that bring the viewer back to a grounded state, peeling away the noise and ever-present distraction that’s enhanced by our overreliance on digital devices. Presented in the form of a guided meditation, Krista Kim showcased her unique ability to provide a sacred temple of calmness in a room filled with busy bodies. Kim describes Continuum as an immersive, digital landscape of zen. A divine partnership union of large screens, healing frequencies and minimalistic visuals to shift the brain state of each viewer. Kim’s vision is to present these immersive experiences in bustling cities and towns as a reminder that technology can be used for good and to “elevate our consciousness.”

There’s an ever-present pull towards creating a safe digital landscape that fosters an intricate web of human connection. Walking this line has proven a difficult task amongst social media addiction, and the overall disconnect humanity faces at the hands of our small yet influential devices. A difficult task indeed, but not impossible. Digital devices aren’t sentient in the same way humanity is, and that fact alone is what makes Krista Kim’s work so impactful. It reminds us of the power we possess as beings on this planet. Immersive experiences like Continuum, serve as reminders of the ability to switch our devices off and revel in moments of pause, as well as the ability to do the same thing with the use of technology in a more constructive and mindful way.


“Digital art is uniquely positioned to foster connection and dialogue, challenge norms, and inspire change. In this sense, art is not just a product but a service – a commitment to the betterment of society.” – Krista Kim

Through the exploration of immersive experiences, Krista Kim founded [0], a “pioneering studio of mental health and wellness in the metaverse”, providing welcoming spaces around the world for people of all walks of life to reconnect and recharge. The digital space can often make true peace and satisfaction feel unattainable. It can make us feel so close to one another one day and further than ever the next. Artists like Krista Kim are the saving grace when it comes to building a responsible future in the digital landscape, where we can all feel seen, heard and at peace.

Written by Ashley Jade Callahan from GLITCH Magazine


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