DOM WORLD: A New Home for Phygital Nomads


Welcome to Dom World, an innovative phygital ecosystem blending digital and physical realities, tailored for artists technologists, and visionaries. This is a realm where users can explore, create, and connect within a variety of immersive environments. In DOM WORLD, players embark on adventures within a solarpunk metaverse that blends education and exploration in an unprecedented way. This phygital universe invites players to explore stunning environments, interact with AI-powered NPCs, and creatively contribute to the world’s lore. Seamlessly converging digital and physical realities, Dom World aims to establish new communities and allow players to individually and collaboratively redefine their digital home. 

The concept of Dom World was sparked by a lifelong journey to understand the essence of “home”. Miroslav and David, the founders and innovators behind the project, have been exploring what home means to them for many years as they have traversed the globe through travel. This quest led to the materialization of Dom World today, an artistic ecosystem that combines collective visions of home, and encapsulates the various states and sensations people associate with this deeply personal concept. Dom World goes beyond creating digital spaces; it’s about crafting real-world environments that resonate with the collective dreams and aspirations of their community.

The platform has been conceptualized without limitation; the idea is that DOM WORLD is a limitless world. “In our physically divided world, travel, cultural exchange, and global understanding are privileges for the few”, Miroslav explains to GLITCH Magazine, “we seek to erase these boundaries with a digital realm that offers unlimited exploration and interaction, and fosters a diverse and vastly innovative global community”, adds David. “Dom World endeavors to be a universal haven; it is a touchpoint for all visionaries eager to explore and shape the future, be it through creativity, learning, or business innovation.”

Dom World is on the brink of launching its DNA Resident system. This will be the primary access point to the platform and will serve as a community membership and ID, adaptable into roles like Creator or Founder. From here, users can interact with the platform and its existing inhabitants, and communities and projects can begin to blossom. Attracting designers and artists from all corners of the creative sector, the mission is for these initial members to co-create the Dom World fabric in liaison with its parental team.

The mantra of the vision is that “every individual is a creator at heart”. Woven into the Dom World platform are tools that motivate and cultivate authentic creativity, as well as provide educational insights. The breadth of tools available hope to enable creators to craft and learn simultaneously, the inspirational content on hand is very similar to that of Pinterest or Dribble for 3D artists.

The offering of this platform is dynamic and multifaceted; it allows designers to showcase, sell designs, and interact with companies and audiences. The process of integrating with the Dom World tapestry is a process of creative enrichment. Here, ideas are converted into digital realities, and eventually, physical realities.

Setting Dom World apart from other platforms, both conceptually and aesthetically, is its segmentation into different “islands”. This design choice fosters specialized communities and experiences and furthers the central mission of tailored adventures. Beyond the islands, there is soon to be an underwater realm. In collaboration with marine scientists and researchers, the virtual world will soon be infused with the depths of oceanic wonders. Every element of Dom World seeks to develop a narrative, and the brand’s experimentation with nature and environment enhances its story-driven lore and gamified appearance focused on the desert island landscape.

At Dom World’s core is a commitment to societal betterment. “Unlike other platforms that are primarily driven by monetary gains, DOM WORLD prioritizes a wealth of resources aimed at fostering personal growth, community building, and sustainable development. Our depth, detailed visualizations, innovative systems, and forward-thinking values set us apart, envisioning a future where humanity collaborates to build a sustainable and healthy legacy for generations to come.” – Miroslav and David, founders of Dom World.

For those who embark on the grand explorative journey that Dom World offers and successfully complete the mission, incredibly valuable prizes await — rewards of such magnitude that they have the power to transform lives, according to its founder. The team describes the prizes at stake as “life-altering”, underscoring their dedication to making a meaningful difference.

GLITCH had the pleasure of speaking with this founding duo in the early stages of inception, but where do they view the project in a decade? The pair told GLITCH that they hope to build “a decentralized network of DOM communities, both digital and physical, forming an interconnected world where every individual can find their ‘home’”. “We envision a DOM community that has real-world hubs globally – schools, business centers, residential complexes, wellness hotels, and more. The digital world will be a place for personal growth, education, socializing, earning, and entertainment, embodying DOM as the capital of freedom, enabling choice between digital and physical realms anywhere in the world.”

David adds “Through strategic partnerships, particularly in fashion, technology, education, entertainment, and communication, we aim to set new standards for what a phygital platform can achieve.”. Miroslav summarises the project as a “global catalyst for innovation” in a new and developing world.

With a philosophy deeply rooted in sustainability, togetherness, and mixed reality, Dom World is offering a new curated space different from any forum or idea exchange already on the market. As this fantastical world is built pixel by pixel by an army of passionate collaborators, it will be interesting to see the innovation that emerges out of this open-armed hub.

Written by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine

Words by DOM world Founders



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