Is fashion week really the epitome of fashion? Or rather, has it become increasingly commercialized, big brand dominated, and stagnant? 

With a place on the “official fashion week” calendar being so sought-after, and almost a ticket of legitimation, the public’s attention can often become all-consumed with the biggest of big brand names across the month of February.

In our usual fashion, GLITCH thus aims to be the ultimate destination for spotlighting uncovered names.

Here are GLITCH’s ones to watch from February, some of whom have intersected with the official fashion weeks, and others who are playing an entirely different ball game, and operating outside of this commercial hook.

Our aim is to spotlight the unseen but the noteworthy – from pimping your tech to unearthing vintage treasures – this month’s roundup delves into some more unique creative corners.

Evo Tunes

Evo Tunes is based in Hong Kong and specializes in unorthodox fashion accessories for a young and niche clientele. Capitalizing on our digital age, and the vast amount of people who traverse their lives plugged into tech, Evo Tunes creates iconic headgear that makes tapping into your phone all the more fashionable. A brand dedicated to AirPods Max add-on accessories, Evo Tunes helps to transform your daily look into something cool, edgy and even whimsical. Currently Evo Tunes accessories only appeal to one specific type of customer, but GLITCH thinks the brand is onto something bigger – they are tapping into a wider style evolution that will see the meaning and utility of fashion transform in tandem with technology. 


Tarpley, by Tarpley Brooks Jones, broke into the fashion ring in September, debuting at New York Men’s Day – a preliminary showcase before the official week. With pieces that are both technical but minimalist, Tarpley cultivates a very modern but subdued aesthetic. The designer characterized his first full collection as a type of “softwear”, where cozier fabrics are reimagined into sharp pieces. As a newcomer to the arena, Tarpley seems to have hit this sweet spot for dressing the 21st century wanderer, in a way that isn’t gimmicky nor loud, but perfectly understated.

Cop Me If You Can 

Cop Me If You can is a designer archive store that only exists within the parameters of Instagram. Blending the social platform into his own storefront, Leon Teke handpicks a range of vintage treasures, and publishes them to his audience with the strapline “DM to buy! Email to borrow!”. Stocking a diverse array of treasures, from Jean Paul Gautlier RTW pieces, to 90s Prada and gems, and more quaint European fashion finds, the account lists a wide variety of clothing and accessories. A beautifully curated directory of fashion history, this playful brand encourages instagram shoppers to shop and loan icons of the past. Cop Me If You Can is making a stance about shopping as an experience, rather than merely an exchange.

Written by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine


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