STYLE & SOUNDWAVES: Key music moments across fashion week 
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To execute a fashion show takes a village, and often more is said about the visual elements rather than the whole sensory experience. Today we are looking at key four key fashion moments where sound and music plays a pivotal moment in defining the runway and fashion season. Whether it’s adding context or flare, music frames how we see and feel items on the runway. From Ipods, to nostalgia to social commentary, music has been an electric part of the runway this fashion season.

Burberry x British Nostalgia 

In a festival tent in East London’s Victoria Park, Daniel Lee debuted a vision of Britishness with staple trench coats, muted tones, and biker jackets. The brand featured tracks of the late Amy Winehouse as a tribute to one of Britain’s best artists. Featuring Winehouse’s classic tracks “You Know I’m No Good” and closing out the show with “Back to Black,” Lee music tapped into British nostalgia, a fitting choice for the heritage brand. The front row consisted of musicians Olivia Colman, Little Simz and Dizzie Rascal. The show was “inspired by the landscapes and people of the UK and Ireland.” 

SUNNEI x Social Commentary 

Over in Milan, Sunni used the sound of each model’s voice and inner-monologue as they walked down the runway.  “The world is on fire and we’re talking about fashion?” one voice states.  “We all look like a bunch of clowns, is the aim of this brand to make us look ugly?” another adds. The brand uses sound to criticise the runway, offering social commentary of the fashion industry. 

Sinead Gorey x IPods

Sinead Gorey uses music products as accessories during London Fashion Week. Using iPod as belts, earrings, and necklaces the collection, the show was on ode to y2k school days where music could only be heard when attached to your ears. Sinead Gorey show notes state “teenage years are the best years of your life.” 

Jil Sanders x Mk.gee

Live at the Jil Sanders show in Milan, Mk.gee, LA-based musical artist and producer born Mike Gordon, performed their new album. The album Two Star & The Dream Police is perfect for the internet age, and can be defined as futuristic pop music. The surreal music matched beautiful with the ethereal designs.

It is clear music  – both literal and symbolically —  plays an important part to fashion week and runway shows.  Details are everything, and sound can provide a narratives, cultural commentary and notsagia which elevates the overall ambience of the show. 

Written by Amber Weir from GLITCH Magazine


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