A conversation with Constantin Prozorov discussing the merge between Art and Fashion.


In our next EXPOSED interview series, we introduce Kazakh Visual Artist; Constantin Prozorov, exploring the merge between Fashion and Art.

Who is Constantin?

Today, I see myself as a visual artist who tells surreal stories in collaboration with luxury brands.

What does it mean to be a Visual Artist? and what will your career look like in the fashion industry?

If you could work with any designer or fashion house in the world, which/who would it be and why?

Your work has a strong focus on the incorporation of Art and Fashion. What drove you to incorporate art into fashion and how has your work accomplished this?

A few years back brands like LV released “Masters totes” collection with Jeff Koons including Monet, Boucher, Gauguin, Manet Poussin and Turner. What are your views on the incorporation of art into fashion? What about the fact that by doing so they are profiting from a well-known artist, do you see a problem with that? Or is it an “Omen” to their work?

As a seasoned visual artist who has had the opportunity to collaborate with brands such as Gucci, Valentino and Marc Jacobs, what would you say has helped your career to gain the recognition of such renounced brands?

My collages are my worlds to which I invite everyone into, an exchange is created between the viewer and the work.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you started and what helped you overcome them?

It is very important that you stay authentic and have fun at work. Never try to compare yourself with established artists, brands or designers, rather write your own history and rules. Find a niche where you can be unique.

How can technology enhance the possibilities to merge fashion and art?

How can the incorporation of art and fashion serve as a form of “Artivism”? For example, consider the work that Marina Testino has accomplished.

Giambattista Valli
Gucci Sneakers

Art in its original form vs. digital art influences the experience of their audiences. In the same way you intend to bridge Art and Fashion, GLITCH aims to merge these experiences through its print editions by maintaining the value of a physical form of art, while enhancing it with digital technologies such as AR. How would you enhance the experience of our readers if you could integrate technology into your visual art?



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