Roei Derhi: GENBACCHUS reveals the future of identity through fashion and technology.
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Derhi’s “GENBACCHUS: The Future of Identity’ is an audacious take on the digital reinventions of self-expression set in motion by digital artist, Wayne McGregor. GLITCH will attempt to capture the essence of his work as it travels through innovations that mark him out as a disrupter for the fashion forward next generation.

After he completed his degree at Shenkar College, Derhi went straight from his final show into a prominent position at H&M in Sweden – heralding the beginning of a career defined by path-breaking designs and innovation. In 2021, PLACEBO was launched and it emerged as a brand synonymous with futuristic fashion fusing physical and digital realms with past and future. He has worked with big names and brands such as Beyonce and threeASFOUR thus establishing him as one-of-a-kind Fashion-Tech specialist.

The “GENBACCHUS” exhibition, Derhi’s most recent attempt, probes deep into the Bacchus mythos, the deity renowned for his gender fluidity and freedom. The show is a celebration of multiplicity beyond dichotomies, concapsulating everything from divine and human to feminine and masculine; wild and civilised; evil and good. In this display, Derhi has reinvented Bacchus for the digital age through a 3D video installation that sprawls on seven screens augmented with sound to tell stories about freedom and self-discovery

Four avatars which are actually digital copies of the artist himself stand at the core of this exhibition each representing different aspects of Bacchus’ complex identity. These avatars were made using sophisticated 3D scanning technology and artistic manipulation so as to create a space where art, mythology and technology overlap thus providing new insight into identity as well as expression

In addition to immersing your senses, “GENBACCHUS”’ interactive nature spreads through Augmented Reality (AR) Try-Ons that enable visitors to wear digital costumes and identities, thereby making them part of the story of self liberation. This feature resonates well with this generation, one that cherishes experiences where they effortlessly merge their real and digital selves together.

It is not simply his acuity for marrying fashion with technology that distinguishes Derhi, but his investigation into what identity means in an ever changing world. ‘GENBACCHUS’ is more than just an exhibition; it is a question posed to society on the future of identity in an era where digital and physical realities are being blurred by each other. The work by Derhi challenges viewers to think about how fluid their identities can be in a world where there are countless ways for people to express themselves due to technology.

Derhi’s work is a guiding light to Gen Z and Millennials who are at the forefront of digital revolution and social transformation. That is, as it were, Roei Derhi’s GENBACCHUS is more than just an exhibition; it’s a cultural moment that captures the spirit of the age. It’s an audacious exploration into unknown territory asking us to ponder what identity might look like in a world where boundaries between digital and physical, past and future are constantly being reconstructed. Besides all, this is an invitation for us to reflect on not only the art displayed but also our own selves as well as prospective people we may become in the vastness of the era.

For anyone interested in sampling this fusion of fashion, technology, and art firsthand “GENBACCHUS” becomes a must see event (ROEI DERHI DIGITAL FASHION ARTIST). It reminds one of how creativity can challenge reality and thereby redefine our perception about ourselves and everything else​.

Written by Fernada Ondarza | CEO from GLITCH Magazine


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