Quanta Cory, talking us through her unconventional, up-cycled and 80’s retro inspired collection


Tell us about yourself

As a Designer of graduating class 2020, what do you see as the challenges and opportunities to the future of your career?

Your latest collection Electric Gold sparked our attention for your incorporation of old technology and use of recycled materials. What was your inspiration for this and why did you choose to focus on Retro?

The main idea behind the collection is to celebrate the old technology, without it we would not be able to communicate and stay in touch with others in the way we do today.

Some of the unlikely materials you have used in Electric Gold would be consider "un-sustainable" for example CDs, Cassettes and Wires. Hence you face the challenge between a sustainable garment in its production process and unsustainable in its execution.

Would you say your approach is a conceptual design where you challenge the use of unconventional materials, or are they wearable? And if they are wearable, how does the use of unlikely materials affect the usability of your pieces?

The work I produce Is more walking art than everyday wear. I use my work to convey a point or issue rather than produce ready to wear garments. I believe work which takes chances on different or strange materials are more exciting and intriguing to the viewer and makes them want to know more about the Inspiration behind the garment.

Will recycled materials always be core to your brand? If so, how do you imagine you'll source materials? What about stores - will you have physical stores, or will you be a digital brand?



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