NYC Fashion Week Edit: Top Moments from Global Fashion Collective


We are excited to see the work of Global Fashion Collective, who are working with designers all over the world, and helping them present their collections in New York City. The designers vary from Avante-Garde to New Age Minimalism, celebrating different styles and cultures. The power of community was showcased in Copenhagen Fashion Week and we are delighted to see this extend to New York. Take a look at our favourite cutting-edge emerging talent from Global Fashion Collective show.

Fair Enough

Fair Enough is a Japanese brand. The brand name is named after the English phrase “Fair Enough” describing their ethos as “when you have a different opinion with another person, and it means that you agree with the other person’s opinion after listening to their opinion. As the name suggests, our concepts are “full fairness” and “dialogue.”’ The runway reflected this philosophy of fairness and meaningful dialogue through clothing, with all aspects of the design process such as materials, colour, and shape speaking with one another. Fair Enough is a unique and inspired brand, yet thoughtful and gentle.


[unusual] is a fusion of Eastern and Western contemporaries. The runway show was an exploration of culture through the concept of war. Using themes of migration and cultural exchange in today’s world, the collection was designed to be seen as a ‘physical cultural exchange.’ [unusual] is a brand very influenced by cultures worldwide, which is reflected in their work. The collection effortlessly showcases and embraces diversity, craftsmanship, and global cultures.

Get Some Sleep

Get Some Sleep runway centered around a  discourse of the current zeitgeist: overthinking. With a beautiful colour palette that consisted of yellow, orange, blue, grey, red, and green tones, there was a clear harmony and intentionality in this design choice. The highlight of the show was a jumper with the slogan “is it normal to think this much?” across the center. The sweater also has some beautiful flowers in the knits, reflecting how overthinking is a universal human experience.


STUDIO L7’s show was the epitome of New Age Minimalism. Using traditional codes of suiting such as sharp angles and sleek pockets, but reassembling them to create unique and distinctive silhouettes. Designer Wirt Li reimagines the conventional suit style, breaking boundaries making this collection uniquely meaningful. 

Keep an eye out for Fashion Collective future shows, as they are in London, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo next!

Written by Amber Weir from GLITCH Magazine


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