Ninzoou: Redefining Fashion in the Digital age through DressX


  1. Can you tell us more about Ninzoou and its mission to revolutionize the fashion industry in the digital age?

In a world of overconsumption and on demand-24/7 we should seriously start to rethink the production processes and also the wise usage of our resources. Do we really produce first and then start thinking about what is really need? Especially when it comes to fashion we should rethink this aspect!

  1. What inspired Joerg Zuber to create Ninzoou? How did his journey into fashion lead him to this innovative digital fashion brand?

I am infused by fashion since I was a little boy. The high glossy paper magazines draw always my attention to them. Over the years and especially facing more and more the problems of our world nowadays we should for sure rethink existing man-made demands. The maxim of more-and-more should not be on our side. With NINZOOU I wanted to create a world that celebrates fashion, its variety, its endless possibilities and power – but in a new way. First only digital. More eco-friendly.

  1. How does Ninzoou’s approach differ from traditional fashion brands? What sets it apart in terms of creativity and self-expression?

NINZOOU is not just a fashion brand – it is an attitude. A feeling, a movement. There might be other products coming up in the future. We started with fashion first. Most of all we want to inspire all people and trigger creativity to think out of the box. This is what I do day by day with my regular work as well as with my digital character noonoouri – being never the same is the most important. We do not see ourselves inside a certain fragment – we can do and be anything in the digital universe.

  1. Can you explain the concept of being More Than Human that Joerg Zuber mentioned? How does Ninzoou embody this belief?

At NINZOOU we believe that all comes and is for humans! We do not want to substitute the human mankind. But we want to stimulate the human’s mind and brain to think beyond. Feel free in a space called NINZOOU where gravity doesn’t exist. Something that is beyond imagination. Breath underwater. Walk on other planets. Water runs Upside-down. See with your eyes close and use all your senses.

  1. What can fashion enthusiasts expect from the More Than Human collection by Ninzoou? How does it capture the power of nature and its transformative influence?

The collection is the manifesto, the beginning of a movement we want to join forces and see anybody as well as welcoming anybody. Be the one you want to be.

  1. How does Ninzoou leverage technology and the metaverse to create its virtual fashion experiences? Can you elaborate on the role of Artifact Platform Ltd. in supporting this endeavor?

ARTIFACT LABS and JOERG ZUBER STUDIO joined forces here to bring the idea to a next level. Unimaginable creativity paired with high end technology is the key and the essence of NINZOOU. We want to encourage other designers to walk paths with us that no one ever walked before and become a leader in trend and step out of the role of being an adopter.

  1. What makes DressX the exclusive platform to experience and own the More Than Human collection by Ninzoou? How did this collaboration come about?

I already collaborated with DRESS X before for collecting money for UKRAINE when the war started. We dressed noonoouri in a special Ukrainian-color-flagged heart dress which draw attention to the country. The collaboration was very fruitful and so a first step was made. The logical consequence was to build up a team with them when we decided to bring out the new collection.

  1. How do you envision Ninzoou impacting the fashion industry as a whole? What changes or advancements do you hope to see as a result of its visionary approach?

We want to make people RETHINK! Many are talking about sustainability and eco chic, green power. But how many are really transforming the production with an eye on our children, their future and the planet. Do we need real fur? Exotic skin, classical leather, overproduction of garments? We need not only to rethink but start to act NOW. the time is more than here.

  1. Are there any plans for future collaborations or expansions for Ninzoou? Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives?

We have dreams – as we never start dreaming otherwise we would not be here where we are right now – so stay tuned for what is coming next.

  1. Finally, how can individuals engage with Ninzoou and explore its digital fashion offerings? Are there any specific platforms or requirements to access and experience these creations?

At the moment we communicate mostly through our social media platforms this helps everyone to follow up and keep in touch with us. We are more than thankful for everyone who is joining us on this special movement to make create step by step more consciousness and individual responsibility for the world we are living in.

Interviewed by Fernanda founder of GLITCH Magazine

Edited by GLITCH Team


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