GLITCH Discovers: The Unprecedented Fusion of Fashion and AI at Graduate Fashion Week


In the realm of fashion, innovation and creativity have forever been the catalysts that shatter conventions and redefine norms. Graduate Fashion Week has long been a beacon for emerging talent, providing a platform for ingenious minds to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and distinctive visions. This year’s edition, hosted at London’s Truman Brewery, took this spirit of innovation to new heights by merging the prowess of University of Hertfordshire students with AI designers. The convergence of these aspiring undergraduates and accomplished mentors from academia set the stage for an unparalleled collaboration, showcasing the powerful relationship between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence.

Morchen Liu: The Cohesion of Talent and Technology 

At the helm of this extraordinary event was Morchen Liu, an accomplished member of academia at the University of Hertfordshire and a seasoned expert in fashion and technology. Liu’s wealth of experience acted as a guiding beacon for the students and AI designers, offering invaluable insights and support throughout their creative process. His expertise ensured the seamless execution of the fusion of talent and innovation, resulting in a successful showcase that pushed the boundaries of fashion.

GLITCH’s Creative Shortlist

Jessica Nagalia Setiawan: The Art of The Soul

Jessica Nagalia Setiawan’s collection, The Art of The Soul, presents a gender-neutral contemporary line that transcends current trends. Inspired by the overwhelming nature of the human soul, Setiawan skillfully blends grunge and avant-garde fashion, creating a captivating and daring collection. With shades of glamour x grunge from Rick Owens and the avant-garde spirit of Yohji Yamamoto, Setiawan’s work is a true testament to the power of self-expression

Narmina Guseinova: The Flow and Vitality

Narmina Guseinova’s collection, The Flow and Vitality, explores the connection between kinetic art and nature. Guseinova skillfully unites techniques and approaches, showcasing the similarities between natural processes and the dynamic silhouettes she creates. The collection is a haute couture womenswear line for strong and confident women who appreciate experimentation and uniqueness. The integration of AI is evident in the stunning visuals on the runway by Pris Ramoni, elevating the collection to new heights.

Saniyah Ahmed: An Infusion of Identity and Modest Fashion

Saniyah Ahmed’s collection beautifully represents her identity as a Pakistani Muslim, blending Pakistani attire with modest fashion. Heavy embellishments and textile techniques commonly found in South Asian occasion wear adorn the garments, while silhouettes like abayas and maxi dresses capture the essence of modest fashion. Ahmed’s collection is a celebration of cultural fusion and showcases the diversity of fashion.

Selin Yilmazeri: A Denim-Based Revolution

Selin Yilmazeri’s ready-to-wear winter/spring 2023 collection takes inspiration from the early 2000s, drawing influences from Bratz Dolls and Paris Hilton. The collection, centered around denim, features various pieces that can be worn individually or mixed and matched. Yilmazeri’s commitment to sustainability is evident, as all fabrics used in the collection can be recycled, upcycled, and reused. This collection embodies both nostalgia and a forward-thinking mindset.

Sofiia Segalla: The Kaleidoscope of Russian Culture

Sofiia Segalla’s collection is a personal interpretation of a kaleidoscope of Russian cultural codes and images. Fragmented and deconstructed, the history of Russia serves as inspiration for this bold and emotional collection. With voluminous silhouettes and pyramid-shaped designs, Segalla’s collection pays homage to Russian national clothing. The integration of AI visuals by @gzhenkasfunhouse further enhances the narrative and emotions evoked by the collection.

AI and Fashion: Pushing the Boundaries 

The collaboration between the University of Hertfordshire students and AI designers sparked important conversations about the role of AI in the fashion industry. This showcase demonstrated that AI is not here to replace human designers but rather to augment and enhance human creativity. By opening up new avenues for exploration, AI pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of fashion. 

The undergraduate fashion show hosted by Graduate Fashion Week, in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire and AI designers, showcased an exceptional fusion of talent and technology. It not only celebrated the creativity and innovation of the young designers but also exemplified the symbiotic relationship between fashion and AI. 

As fashion continues to evolve, events like this highlight the endless possibilities that arise when fashion and technology converge. The future of fashion undoubtedly lies in the hands of those who embrace the transformative power of AI, and the GFW event, it was a remarkable testament to this exciting convergence.


Written by GLITCH Magazine Team 


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