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KRWN Studio is a fast-emerging digital fashion house at the cutting-edge of designing future wearables for the Metaverse. Imagination, creativity, and innovation are at the core of their brand identity. KRWN is at the forefront of the digital fashion renaissance creating clothing that is can only be limited by imagination.

What is KRWN, and how does it differentiate from players in the field?

Who is behind KRWN Studios?

How did you, Amina, start tapping into the Digital & Metaverse Fashion Space?

I have been in the NFT space for approximately 1.5 years and have experimented with different mediums. I have been a painter since I was 6 years old, and did my best to sell some of my physical fine art as NFTs. Yet, at the time I did not understand the Web 3 space as well and made many mistakes! After immersing myself with a lot of knowledge, following the news and trends in that space, I was able to get a better grasp of how the NFT community was progressing. Alongside my own experience in the traditional fashion world, I loved the work I did in my Web 2 life, but I was not blind to the toxicity of the industry. I believed that by combining my passions, KRWN would become a force for change for the fashion industry. 

Why did you choose the Fashion space, as opposed to the ever dominating web3 gaming sector?

I personally am a big fan of the fashion space, I believe it is a fantastic outlet for self-expression and is a constantly evolving art form. At the same time, I am heavily inspired by the gaming space. KRWN as a brand is at the constant brink of innovation, we are heavily focused on the cyberpunk, urban street lux aesthetic, especially targeting a GenZ gaming audience. I would say we are heavily involved in both sectors, seeing as certain pieces of our collection will also be available as wearables in multiple Metaverses and other gaming platforms.

Talk us through, and in detail, about KRWN Studio's Aesthetic? And who is your primary target?

Tell us about your up-coming drop, how many rarities are there?

Absolutely! The final drop date is TBA, but the whole collection consists of 891 H8Dz (hoodies) with approx. 89 designs and 10 collar variations. The collection is also segmented into 4 rarity levels, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each rarity is distinguishable from its external design features. Silvers are 2D patterns, Golds are 3D applications, Platinum’s are moving designs and Diamonds are the ones with a KRWN. 

What kind of metaverse utility will you be including in your collection?

At the moment, we are working on providing wearability for certain rarity holders. We are doing our best to include platforms like Spatial, that have a large presence in the NFT and Metaverse community. We are also currently remaking some of our designs as Roblox wearables as well. More to come on this, so stay tuned!

Where do you see the future of digital fashion and KRWN as a metaverse fashion house?

We want to become a leading digital fashion presence and a go-to brand for all the creatives and innovators in the Web 3 world. Our vision is to become the next Balenciaga brand for the Metaverse-natives. We believe strongly in the community we have gathered so far and our growth is exponential. I have very high hopes for the space and our brand in the future! Join us along the ride

Who are some peers in the industry that you look up to? Be it other fashion houses or other designers

We are very heavily inspired by RTFKT and Azuki, both their aesthetic and brand structure are at the forefront of the NFT space. I am truly a big fan of their work and love their Art style as well. I see KRWN holding a similar presence in the digital fashion space very soon.    

How long from now do you estimate that digital fashion will be spoken about as much as physical fashion? When will the two be on par with each other?

I believe that currently what we have seen in the digital fashion space from big fashion houses, is a form of artistic experimentation. They are still testing the waters, with no strong belief in the space. I believe that technology is constantly evolving, and it is not a force we can ignore. It is a matter of time before “Metaverse” or “NFTs” are as popular of a term as “social media”, therefore the believers and creators that were in the space early-on will have a greater advantage compared to the rest. Fashion, just like other sectors in the web 3 space, will have bombic growth in the next years.  

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