YIUME Interview


yiume is a fashion marketplace leveraging decentralised tech seeking to revolutionize the way we approach fashion. Giving a voice to every creator, it will level the ground of the fashion landscape by eliminating the problems tied to fast fashion

The Team

0. Who are the faces behind the brand, yiume and how are they best prepared to shape the future of a sustainable industry with the use of digital fashion?

The Brand

1. What peaked your interest in Fashion, NFTs and the Metaverse?

2. Why yiume? What is the inspiration behind the name. What does your company do and how does it fit in the Web3 space?

3. What decentralised tech will you use to achieve your vision?

The designs available on yiume marketplace are NFTs, running on smart contracts on Arbitrum, transactions will occur in cryptocurrencies, and the possibility of expansion to other chains as well  as a DAO is not excluded in the future. 

4. How will this tech achieve your vision?

About the Vision

5. Why did you choose the Arbitrum chain? How does this fit with your sustainability statement?

We chose Arbitrum because of multiple reasons: 

  • Low fees & security 

If we want to make sustainable fashion approachable to many people we need to  ensure cheap and secure UX. Given that Arbitrum is a Layer 2 chain on Ethereum it is as secure as mainnet (which is much higher than Polygon or Solana). 

  • Ecosystem 

We believe that the Arbitrum ecosystem is the one growing at the fastest pace and  the most unique projects are being deployed here. yiume is amongst these projects and we want to solidify the Arbitrum ecosystem the best one out there. 

  • Team 

The Arbitrum team has been supportive and helpful since we established contact.  The development on the chain such as Arbitrum Nitro is another testament to the  fact that this team is shipping ground-breaking technology. 

6. As a sustainability driven brand, manufacturing partners are very important, who will they be? And What will the garment redemption process look like?

Yiume partner manufacturers list will consist of a handpicked selection of factories and producers whose values and production methods are aligned with our values of sustainability, fair trade, and  high materials’ quality. 

Let’s create an example to illustrate the garment redemption process in more detail. Say that you noticed a pants design on yiume marketplace that you are mesmerized by. 

Step 1: design acquisition 

You buy/mint the design directly from the creator on the yiume marketplace, exchanging ETH (or  any other cryptocurrency the designer will choose to accept) for the NFT. 

Step 2: choosing a manufacturer

You want to wear these pants in real life, so you decide to have them manufactured. You now have two options: proceed with yiume partner manufacturers, or contact any other manufacturer in the world, for example the ones in your city. 

As mentioned before yiume partner manufacturers will hold the values of sustainability, fair trade, and high materials’ quality. We are working on getting at least one manufacturer into every big city  (starting with London and New York). 

If you decide to proceed with them, the option will be available directly on yiume marketplace, and after entering your shipping details and redemption details (such as the size of the pants) and  paying the production costs you will only need to wait until the package arrives at your doorstep. We are definitely not going to limit you to yiume pre-selected choices and that is why you can go  with any other manufacturer who can produce the piece of garment. In that case, you will have to  contact them individually, and choose the NFT design you want to redeem – of course you also  need to supply redemption and shipping details. The only difference between the two options when choosing a manufacturer is the opportunity cost between ensuring the standards of a  modern civilised world and convenience. 

After finishing these steps you own both the design and the real-life garment!   

7. What will success look like for your NFT holders?

To clarify, there’s two types of NFTs available on yiume. 

First type: clothing designs. You now have the full ownership of that design, and you decide on the production of the physical garment. There is no middle-man choosing the path for you. If you ask me, that is a huge success right there. But that is not even close to all of what yiume brings to  the table. You can also financially leverage it, so success can be having an eye for talent and  acquiring a design from an upcoming creator whose collections grow in popularity and value over  time. The collection of art/fashion pieces will be on-chain thanks to yiume. 

The second type of yiume NFTs are collectibles. Holders of these get discounts on every subsequent redemption of yiume designs, an increased cap on number of redemptions, and early access to limited collections. Besides these benefits, you can earn financial incentives from these tokens as well. We are partnering up with NFT lending and borrowing marketplaces to make sure that our community can lend their NFTs to others. The borrowers can enjoy the benefits of  discounts and increased caps while the lenders earn interest from the borrowers. 

While achieving these kinds of environmental (on-demand production) and economical (full ownership, discounts, lending interest) benefits, there is still one that should not go without saying – the social benefit. People can see that you are an innovator when they see some of the oldest collectibles or designs by yiume in your wallet. You can show off that you were at the forefront of  the new wave of fashion. 

That is why we want to thank you, our early community and supporters. We are going to have a free mint of (yiume.first) collectibles, the first ever yiume NFTs holding the biggest benefits out of  all yiume collectibles to ever come out. You should make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity.

About the Industry and Community

8. What are the differences between Yiume and other players in your sector?

As I already touched upon a little bit we have seen big fashion companies push for the Metaverse, digital fashion and NFTs. At this point in time, there are so many opportunities that can be pursued that we can see that most of them either go the mainstream road – mint NFTs for their  users just as a sign of status instead of real utility while using buzzwords like that to gain more traction. 

There are many projects that do not follow the mainstream path and most of them are building magnificient stuff. They all focus on their area and we do not seem to overlap with many. I honestly believe that collaboration is better than competition when it comes to creative work like  fashion. That is why we are building a marketplace that will allow anyone to publish their designs, exchange value and open new doors for human creativity all around the world. I am very excited to see what we can come up with other projects pushing the boundaries of the blockchain technology with us

9. What is the most valuable aspects of utility you will be able to offer your community?

It is difficult to point out only one aspect of all the benefits, however, I had to choose I would probably say the absolute ownership of clothing designs is the one. There are several implications coming out of this aspect such as the elimination of the middle man between the artist and the  consumer, decisive power over manufacturing method, access to a broader creator base, possibility to launch your own clothing line with close to zero investment capital, possibility to  financially leverage your wardrobe, possibility to contribute to a zero-waste future, full  transparency and traceability. 

10. When can your followers expect to access your NFTs?

The free mint of the (yiume.first) collectibles collection will come out in Autumn 2022. We have several partnerships lined up which will follow with the deployment of the design NFTs. There is not an ETA on that as of now.

12. Describe the future of sustainable digital fashion.

I truly believe that the approach that yiume brings is the future of sustainable digital fashion. So  many brilliant minds have tried to solve the problems of nowadays’ fashion and none of them has  shifted the paradigm. The sustainable growth of fashion giants is flawed in the long term as in the  end there will be less and less people to sell the garments to. The revolution has to come on both  the demand and supply side and I know that the blockchain technology and yiume will play a vital  role in it.

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