A Glimpse Into GLITCH’s Inaugural Edition  – The Themes on the Tip of our Tongue.


The jigsaw pieces are slotting into place as GLITCH approaches the launch of their first ever product – a unique magazine collectible, designed to be treasured, and not thrown away. Much more than a magazine, GLITCH will launch an immersive reading experience that invites consumers to interact with social media, augmented reality, and the expanding power of image and word when supplemented by technology. Publishing at the brink of London Fashion Week, DNA has sought to condense the most electric and stirring voices who are bursting through the fashion norms and disrupting the industry. Dressing is an unchangeable ritual of the everyday, but how this multi-billion-pound industry will have to flex and fracture into something new and yet-to-be-defined is a process surrounded by rich debate and discussion. It is this capital – a capital of idea-exchange, industry analysis, and opinion provocation – that Err 1, the DNA edition of GLITCH Magazine, will tap into. 

There have been a number of themes on the tip of our tongue, that we have been eagerly wanting to discuss and deliberate ahead of September’s fashion month. Leafing through the pages of our new edition, readers will be able to engage in some of these debates and developments that we have been tracking and pondering over across the summer months. GLITCH’s pages will bring into question the rising importance, relevancy, and eeriness of technology and digitization as art and design becomes ever more absorbed into the world of screens. We will present some of the most cutting-edge digital design work, from impressively crafted digital experiences, to animated AI generated editorials, to social media trends and features that are editing the way we think, interact and consume. In particular, this edition of GLITCH will explore and debate issues related to photoshopping and image editing, and how these are influencing the fashion and beauty markets. Aiming to be a hub for pioneering designers and technology entrepreneurs, GLITCH hopes to expose the wonder and worriment that the creative industry faces as it fuses unstoppably with the online world.  

Our glossy pages will also suck you into the world of trend and hype culture. As GLITCH aims to toe a shifting mark, we encourage readers to engage with the fun and frivolity of fad culture, and yet to do so introspectively and with a curious awareness of the dynamics of 21st century culture. Our articles look at elongated trend cycles, their cultural significances, and what they reveal about consumer dynamics. We don’t just report the trends, we pull them apart, layer by layer, and get to the crux of consumer purchasing habits. This edition in particular delves into the recent Quiet Luxury trend, a true indicator of how our consumer landscape is shifting away from brand fanaticism. Instead GLITCH analyses how trends are moulding into something less traceable – pushed and pulled by a viral hype culture, the rawness of social media, and the oscillating status of fashion figures who are “in” and those who are “out”. 

Perhaps the most important mission of GLITCH is our intention to invert the fashion hierarchy, and reward emerging change-makers with the exposure they deserve in place of the big dominating brands. Our magazine interviews the newest innovators in fashion, accessories, art and technology, and brings to life the stories of their cutting -edge creations. In particular, we aim to shed the limelight on designers who are transitioning into the digital design space, and offer honest and authentic insights into the difficulties of translating creativity from paper to screen, or those who are rupturing traditional aesthetics, re-establishing the meaning of “fashionable”

We want to see an industry less constrained by financial incentives, where brands, businesses, and creators can achieve exposure based on merit rather than financial backing. As such, our first printed edition, and future editions, will have a concrete focus on exposing our readership to the fashion, design, and technology front runners that have made a significant impression on our team. The Unpublished pages intend to be a lasting feature, that offer a space and place for early designers to secure their first features.

DNA, the first ever edition of this unique and modern magazine concept, will be launched on Thursday 14thSeptember. Pre-order your edition now, and plug into the magazine disrupting the industry.

Written by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine



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