The Power of Resilience and Change — A Feature with Faith Winston
Black twist cltuch bag


Exploring spirals, spirituality, and interconnectedness in design as a beautiful narrative reflecting the human experience.

Faith Winston founder and creator director of Ceres Monae attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, specializing in fashion design. After graduating during the pandemic, Winston was unable to find a fashion design job and began creating one-of-a-kind bags and clothing in her hometown Dallas, Texas. By 2022 Winston’s journey crystallized, with the creation of her brand Ceres Monae, which has continued to grow successfully. The transition from designer to brand founder and creative director showcases how Winston is a true multihyphenate, successfully marrying fashion knowledge, design practices, and business skills. The rise of Ceres Monae is a true testament to Winston’s resilience in times of crisis and adversity.

Ceres Monae is a unique magnified goddess who is a descendant protector of the earth. “Spirituality serves as the beating heart of my designs, propelling them into realms of significance beyond mere aesthetics.” The designs are highly personal to Winston and reflect narratives from her life experience,  which connect to the wider human experience. “The themes of spirituality, spirals, and interconnectedness form a narrative that resonates with the constant evolution in life. Through challenges and changes, my designs encapsulate the journey of becoming, reflecting the transformative power of the human experience.” 

Winston’s design process involves immersive exploration, embracing draping and experimentation. “Inspiration flows from a profound spiritual journey, where each design is an embodiment of spiritual essence. This holistic approach to creation, marked by constant evolution and embracing life’s changes, adds a layer of depth and fulfillment to both the designs and the essence of the brand.” Spirals are often reflected in the designs, as they are sacred symbols reflecting the journey of life and how change pushes individuals to grow and learn. Ceres Monae’s twist bag mirrors this philosophy as “each twist represents a moment of growth, resilience, and adaptability — a reflection of the twists in our own lives that mold us into who we are.” The bag is a beautiful symbol of resilience and finding beauty imperfections. 

Sustainability is at the core of the brand. Each product is created to be a forever staple for the buyer, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by making products with longevity. Winston also ensures the packages are reusable and compostable and uses deadstock and natural materials. “In an age overshadowed by the rapid pace of fast fashion, the industry’s relentless drive for quick and cheap has diluted what true craftsmanship once was. In response to this pervasive challenge, our mission is to revive a reverence for what fashion once embodied, while simultaneously infusing innovation.” 

Ceres Monae is more than a brand, it is a philosophy for life, creating fashion and lifestyle products to empower and guide women on their individual journeys.  Winston is inspirational, showcasing her resilience and ability to accept change in order to move forward. “My vision as a designer extends beyond individual creations; it encompasses building a sustainable system. Collaboration with like-minded individuals and exploring innovative avenues stand as the next steps.”

Written by Amber Weir from GLITCH Magazine

Words by Faith Winston, Founder of Ceres Monae


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