The Fashion Renaissance: An Ode to Classic Elegance & Modern Style


Pushing onwards, it’s increasingly evident that 2024 is the year of versatility in the fashion industry. Modest fashion is making yet another comeback with its elevated charm spotlit amidst the rise of risqué looks and otherworldly ideas. Easily brushed over, there’s an underlying message here that speaks of the evolution of trends and how the impact they make is drastically shifting. 

“Trend” is a word commonly associated with “dictate”. People dictate trends, trends dictate what we wear and what is considered “cool”, “relevant”, “now”. However, the earth beneath this idea of “being trendy” is opening up and new, exciting ideas are shining through the cracks. Personal style is becoming more accepting, with a less narrow idea of what makes a person a style icon of now. Spoilt for choice, there’s a style avenue opening up for everyone. This year is about no longer feeling compelled to shove oneself inside a box. It’s about experimenting with a whole range of styles, putting an unique and individual spin on things to create a style evolution. Facilitated by the change-makers of today, like the iconic women featured in Charlie XCX’s music video for “360”, there’s a reinvention sparking on what the modern woman can look like. It recognises that elegance, femininity, masculinity, fluidity, power and sex-appeal all look significantly different to each individual, and that should be celebrated. Personal style is about taking charge of one’s own narrative. 

Fashion Weeks globally this year have presented and ode classic elegance and modern style, completing the reinvented picture of personal style and current trends. Whether the preference is to show more or less, there’s something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Speaking of gaps being filled, pioneering activewear brand QYNDA, have released a collection of modest activewear with the tagline, “Beauty in Modesty”. Noticing the demand for more modest activewear, QYNDA took a stand to revolutionise the market, speaking directly to female athletes in particular. With a philosophy that focuses on comfort, functionality and style, QYNDA is empowering women of all cultures and skills one garment at a time. 

QYNDA isn’t the only brand broadening the landscape of personal style. On the 25th-26th of April at Istanbul Fashion Week, designer Niharika Momtaz sent her designs down the prestigious runway to an international audience of change-makers and trend-setters. Momtaz’s collection, “Çiçek – Flower and The Timeless Trend”, a stellar example of how modesty can be seamlessly woven into the trends of today to present modern elegance. Expertly crafted by South Asian artisans, Momtaz’s designs are creating space to keep timeless elegance alive and thriving. 

Globally, there’s a notable lean towards the elevated look – a more modest approach. Pathways to personal style are being walked in every possible direction with style-icons of today leading the way and making self-discovery less intimidating and more intriguing. The trends of today are broad and boundless. They’re a cumulative dig through the archives and an invitation to remain unique, adventurous and daring. No matter one’s style, there’s always room to experiment and celebrate.

Written by Ashley Jade Callahan from GLITCH Magazine


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