Reflections in the Ether: Unraveling the Enigmatic Realms of an Otherworldly Existence
Bodiless Girl


Reflections in the Ether

Does this place know me? Are the lifeless remnants resembling human figures merely figments of imagination conjured by the inhabitants of this vast world I find myself in?

Right before me sits an object. It’s a robotic body, metallic in nature, spread out on the floor. Its head is adorned with a soft and organic surface, almost see-through, like a sculpture. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. As I stare at this scene, filled with awe and fascination, a small creature enters the frame. It pays no mind to my presence; in fact, it seems oblivious to my existence. The creature moves gracefully, floating across the floor until it settles on a rock near a piece of the robotic body. I don’t feel any fear; instead, a sense of peace washes over me. Everything seems to slow down at this moment. The light surrounding me is gentle, neither warm nor cold, but bright enough to cast soft shadows on the creature and the robot with its abstract face. 

Suddenly, a moving shadow catches my attention, startling me. I look up to locate the source and see a black, round silhouette slowly traversing the sky. As my eyes focus, I recognize it to be the head of a dragon, only Its head, carrying another head—the head of a boy. The boy’s head is full of life and determination, focused on some task. The boy seems to have commanded the dragon head to fly them somewhere. I’m bewildered by this sight, attempting to imagine how such an arrangement came to be, but I eventually give up. My neck begins to ache from gazing skyward, so I shift my attention back to the small creature before me. As I continue to observe, doing nothing in particular, my mind transports me to another scene beyond my control. This time, I see several heads arranged together—the heads of a girl with braided hair. She exudes a breathtaking beauty, her form appearing disembodied.


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