Openended: The Brand Designing 3D Prints That Return to the Earth
The 3D Printing Brand


Openended, as its namesake suggests, is a pioneering brand, with a fixed gaze on the undefined but exciting path that lies ahead for the fashion industry. With an ethos rooted in circling the fashion cycle, founders Vineta and Arthur believe that carefully crafted fashion can be developed in symbiosis with the natural planet, whilst remaining beautifully, and conceptually futuristic.

On the one hand, Openended’s 3D printed jewellery taps into the high fashion world of daring experimentation. With a collection of orchids and iris inspired pieces that ornate the neck, the brand sings to the trends of ultra-modern bold accessorising. Meanwhile, their work also captures and emulates the organic forms of nature, through both design and biodegradable composition, encouraging its buyers and wearers to foster a deeper connection with their surroundings. Openended’s aesthetic is a beautiful-allied harmony; their unconventional pieces seem fit for the modish soirées of the city, and yet the brand still manages to be cognizant of the raw, the wild and the pure. 

GLITCH had the pleasure of speaking with the new-wave design duo to learn more about their craft and ideology.

What was the intention of launching Openended?

Openended’s inception was definitely organic. In actual fact, we were attending a NYE party, and I wanted a necklace to compliment my outfit. Arthur managed to beautifully print a design for me, and our love of 3D printed jewellery was birthed. Openended was definitely the product of art in practice, but we saw a potential in these sorts of designs.

Having developed and expanded, we now definitely have a more fixed intention in minimizing the negative impact of fashion on the environment, and creating a more sustainable and responsible approach to style. We want to help forefront the movement to use more eco-friendly and biodegradable materials in the fashion industry, and to do so in a way that isn’t formulaic, but inventive. We understand that humans will always have an inherent desire to express themselves through beauty and new fashion, but also see our society having a timeless connection to the natural world, and wanted to encompass this dichotomy in our brand. 

Is Openended redefining conventional jewellery and accessories?

Yes! We are deliberately being ‘openended’. There is not, and never has been any need to follow a set of rules or guidelines, or replicate what has been done in the past. Our species and society is evolving so quickly, so our art should reflect this also. It was important to us to create artwork that can be worn by a wide range of different people, and isn’t confined to a gender or a certain body size. Instead, wearing our pieces is about a decision of energy, and a decision to engage in a beauty and an ethos.

Why is nature such a pivotal point of inspiration in your work?

Aside from our obvious slow fashion and eco-friendly mission, to us, nature also symbolizes the inherent interconnectedness of all living beings, which is something unfathomably powerful. Nature is a constant that everyone can connect with, and we like this sentiment to be translated into our creations. 

Moreover, Vineta’s mom is an architect that practices biomimicry and parametric design, and her Dad used to teach her about the Biophilia theory at a young age, so we have always circled back to this elevated understanding of how humans can co-exist with the planet in peace. Openended seeks to pay a tribute to the beauty of nature, whilst also considering the impact on nature in every step of the design process, from sourcing of materials to manufacturing techniques. We have been deeply influenced by the work of designers such as Neri Oxman and Iris van Herpen, and want to be a force in the field of bio-inspired design.

What does the future of biodegradable fashion look like? 

The future of biodegradable fashion will likely see an increased fusion of fashion and technology as designers, innovators, and scientists collaborate to develop and implement sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. This fusion will be driven by the need to preserve human expression and creativity while also prioritizing sustainable practices.

 It is all about navigating the line of creativity that minimizes our impact on the earth, whilst simultaneously maximizing artistic expression. At Openended, we are looking forward to perhaps expanding our accessory line with purses, earrings, and rings while also looking into collaborating on a haute couture dress, with softer and more malleable printed fabrics.

By Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine


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