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Berlin Fashion Week is disrupting the industry. From immersive experiences, digital runways, web 3, phygital clothes to educational panels about fashion and tech, Berlin has been a hub for all things fashion tech this season. In the first part of the Off The Runway series, we looked at the community fashion exhibitions in Copenhagen away from the main stage. Today, we are spotlighting moments Off The Runway in Berlin, highlighting the fashion-forward tech voices and brands transforming the fashion industry.

Yoonaverse is making Berlin Fashion Week go beyond reality 

Yoonaverse hosted a 4-day program covering a range of global topics, shaping discussions around the intersection of fashion and technology and how digital transformation is reshaping the fashion landscape. Delving into topics such as eco-conscious strategy for brands, decentralized web/blockchain technology implications for the fashion sector, and innovative technologies such as Generative AI, Immersive Shopping, and Digital Marketing, Yonnaverse spotlights Berlin Change Makers, bringing together individuals and organizations driving positive change within the fashion and technology realms. Yoonaverse also presented a series of live shows, making Berlin Fashion Week go beyond reality.  The digital space is exciting as it allows digital collections to be seen globally.

“With Yoonaverse we are building The Berlin Metaverse®, giving our industry the possibility to operate multiverse digitally and integrate their digital products directly into a virtual environment – thus positioning themselves into the Web3 space. “But also drastically cutting down pollution along the value chain & avoiding CO2 emission with unnecessary trips and productions without giving up making business but on the contrary allowing more companies to connect virtually and do more business indeed,” says Anna F. Michel CEO & Co-founder of Yoonaverse.

VORN Space opening and Academy Showcase Reception 

VORN, the Berlin Fashion Hub, opened a physical space where fashion can emerge. The modularly designed space offers only co-working event possibilities and a special place to network and grow creatively.  As both a real-world and virtual meeting ground, they offer space for cooperation and innovations on solutions for positive impact within the fashion industry and culture. With the projects such as ‘Community Services, ‘Co-Working Space’ and ‘Innovation Lab’ VORN supports local fashion designers, in an international context by bringing together young innovators with industry partners. It is a member-based organization piloting in the areas of digitalization, sustainability, and fashion.  

VORN also presented a physical Academy Showcase, showcasing ten visionary designers who have redefined luxury through circular and virtual design. The 10 VORN Academy members, take over the virtual showroom of H&Mbeyond, where viewers embark on a virtual journey into the designers’ showing of the intersection of digital fashion, circularity concepts, and web3 commerce.

“VORN is more than a hub; it’s a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. Our Academy program reflects our commitment to training a new generation of designers, pushing the boundaries of digital and circular design for a more sustainable future. Our programme started with the thesis to break the cycle of ‘take-make-waste’ by digitally designing circular products and only producing them once they have been sold. Following these ideas, the designers learnt about the limits of circularity’s feasibility and developed solutions for a positive transformation of the fashion system. This showcase is a testament to our positive impact, inspiring a shift towards a circular and responsible fashion future.”  says CO-CEO Magdalena Schaffrin of VORN Academy.

Yoonaverse and VORN are major disruptors. At GLITCH we will be staying tuned to what they do next.

Written by Amber Weir from GLITCH Magazine


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