LAKRAS: New Generation Colombian Inspired Couture 


Synthesising Colombian craft, experimental design, and the image of historic explorers, Lakras is a modern brand acting as a portal into Latin American heritage. Lakras collections are designed to resonate deeply with those seeking exclusive and imaginative fashion statements, and those passionate about the stories and immersion that can transpire from clothing.

On the brink of their newest collection drop, GLITCH had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Alejandra Caicedo also known as Alek or Alejandra Caicedo, the brand’s founder and creative director.

Can you explain the potent heritage of Lakras, and how have your aesthetics remained routed in this Colombian-Latin American culture?

“The heritage of LAKRAS is deeply intertwined with Colombia, and celebrates the diverse cultural fabric of our homeland. Our brand treasures the rich artistry found within Colombia’s various traditions, families, and friends, all of whom have played a role in contribute to our artistic journey”

“I come from a lineage of women weavers, a legacy that deeply influences our approach to handiwork.. Our ethos revolves around exalting the beauty of embracing errors, not hegemony and engaging with diverse techniques and materials, recognizing their inherent soulfulness. That being said, our vision surpasses boundaries and challenges stereotypes, aiming to encourage imaginative exploration. I’ve lived in various countries and absorbed various wisdom from different unique environments. Lakras melds these experiences together and aims to draw on a collective universe, collective histories, past lives, cultures and dreams”

“In our recent drop, we embraced a pre-Columbian indigenous lost wax technique, crafted using bronze and alpaca, a fusion of copper and silver”

How would you define the Lakras mission?

“The Lakras mission, put succinctly, is about exploring the world and asking – How can I play with all this?”

What has been the biggest challenge in the Lakras journey?

“The biggest challenge for Lakras has been maintaining independence in the oversaturated fashion industry. This means balancing creative freedom while navigating financial constraints, distribution challenges, and competing in a market dominated by established trends and big names.”

“Our journey has been a labor of love, devoid of external funding or sponsorships. This deliberate choice in an industry often dictated by financial backing, amplifies our commitment to preserving creative control and authenticity.”

What is unique about this newest drop from Lakras?

“The exploration of heritage and the interplay between history and contemporary fashion is the quintessence of the newest collection. History has repeatedly showcased fashion’s entanglement with its surroundings. During tumultuous periods, it often sought solace in beauty, finding inspiration in eras long gone.”

“Our recent explorations into the realms of vampires, grieving processes, and the discovery of my own Eastern European ancestry have particularly shaped our image making. Our collection delves into how emotions can be navigated, felt, and transformed in their own unique way

Lakras positions itself as a new emergent in the field of couture, but how is Lakras redefining the sentiment of couture?

“Lakras is redefining the sentiment of couture by intertwining fantasy and symbolism into its creations”

“Our recent exploration of vampire mythologies inspired a selection of couture-esuqe belts. One strap features a mirror, symbolizing the vampire’s lack of reflection and the shedding of ego. The second showcases coccyx, and nods to the pursuit of family connections and the importance of the family chakra as part of the body. The third incorporates a tombstone and  the poetic inscription, “in loving memory of my flesh and bones,” insisting on the need for out of body transformation”

“For us, clothing transcends mere garments; they’re narratives telling stories and personalities, which are then woven into threads, blurring the boundaries between reality, fiction, and mythology. These stories are the elevated meaning of couture”

How akin is LAKRAS image making to artwork?

“ LAKRAS’ design transcends conventional fashion; it embodies a collective space where creativity and liberation converge. Each piece within the realm of LAKRAS invites participation in an ongoing narrative of artistry, encouraging reinterpretation and constant co-creation.”

“To me, art transcends boundaries; it’s intertwined with life experiences, shared meals, moments of dance, and even the spectacle of a runway show. Lakras is an extension of this belief—an amalgamation of diverse inspirations converging to create something unique and vibrant.”

The Future….?

“In ten years, Lakras could  establish itself as a renowned fashion player, but more importantly, we could diversify into new creative ventures beyond clothing, exploring technology, art installations, or immersive experiences”

Interviewed by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine

Words by Lakras Team


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