Kate Burduzhan Interview


From Russia to New York City, the journey of Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival winner, Kate Burduzhan

Who is Kate Burduzhan? Tell us everything about your background

What would you say is your artistic niche in film direction?

We’d love to know more about the short film “It’s your fault” you recently won the 2021 Hollywood Boulevard’s Best New Filmmaker. What inspired this masterpiece?

Beside films, you direct commercials, music videos and art, How does the planning and execution look like for each of these different categories? And which do you enjoy most and why?

I don’t categorize projects. The most important thing is that I should like a project and it should have a message. I invest the maximum in every project.

Each process (pre, production, and post) has its specificities, but for me, the most important thing is team. If you manage to gather people who trust you and at the same time have the same mindset as you, it will have the best synergy that will give birth to work that will make a name for everyone.

A director is a brain, but all the important organs and the body are crew.

If you had to pick an overall favourite project to date from all your directing work, what would it be and why? Walk us through the whole process.

Aside from face-to-face directing, we have seen that you have taken a step into the digital world as well. Talk us through this new outlet in your creative career, what challenges have you faced, what victories have you discovered?

I think in the digital world if we are talking about AR technology, you truly have to believe in the product because you face troubles related to technical disability. After all, it’s still a developing sphere, so without this “blind” belief, I don’t think I would do it with the enthusiasm that I have right now.

In my case, I believe in the company ZERO10 with which I worked because I got to know the team and their mindset.


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