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GLITCH takes on a new venture and interviews judge, Hannah Hayes-Westall from the MullenLowe NOVA Awards judge panel. Discussing "raising the bar" in a creative setting, what it means to win a MullenLowe NOVA Award and other important topics.


What impact does the MullenLowe NOVA award have on students graduating with an art degree?

What potential does the Award serve as a driving factor/motivator for "raising the bar" in term of graduate’s creativity and quality work?

What is the selection criteria based on? What is the MullenLowe NOVA Award looking for? From this year’s line up, what were the key trends identified?

Representation by Jahnavi Inniss from the Unilever #unstereotype Award winner
ANEO by Ines Duplessis
ANEO by Ines Duplessis
ANEO by Ines Duplessis
ANEO by Ines Duplessis

Considering the challenges to the industry and prospects for graduates as a result of the current climate.

Would you say creative students have successfully adapted to the creative constraints of lockdown measures and integrated digital alternatives to their work? If so, what has been the most prominent digital alternative used?

The current pandemic has shook the fashion industry in many ways, encouraging a shift to re-define our priorities and advance our commitments to sustainability and technology innovation.

What is your view on the opportunities currently available for recent graduates to overcome the overshadowing of the industry's biggest names? and how important is design innovation in helping propel them forward?

Our mission, at GLITCH is to establish a platform that promotes the work of new talent & design innovation to help emerging creatives build a bridge between their aspirations and recognition from the industry. It also serves as a collaboration platform to connect creatives across disciplines to access resources they may need to create and deliver their creative vision.

In your experience, are there sufficient opportunities available that support emerging creatives in establishing that recognition? What role do awards such as the MullenLowe NOVA Awards play in this and what alternatives are available to those not receiving awards.

Another challenge faced by recent graduates is the culture of unpaid internships with high expectations from employers on work experience and skills, which excludes students who may not have the resources to work for free or the connections to fast- track into the industry.

How can the industry change this? and what can be expected/encouraged for organisations in the fashion industry to capitalise on the talent available and establish an inclusive pool of opportunities to all emerging creatives?

What is one piece of advice you would give to a creative graduate?

Lastly when it comes to sustainability, what do you see as the biggest transformation that will take place in the future of fashion?

Hannah Hayes-Westall

Hannah Hayes-Westall

Hannah Hayes-Westall is a writer and strategist, Co-Publisher of contemporary art titles fadmagazine.co.uk and the no-news newspaper Art of Conversation and Strategy Director at MullenLowe London.



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