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In conversation with Magda Kaczmarska | Experiment Stylist and Artistic Director

Magda Kaczmarska is a daring stylist and online personality known for her off-beat compositions and eye-catching content. By warping the norms of fashion aesthetics, and experimenting with the artistry of fabric, Magda has curated an acquired aesthetic journal through her Instagram account. GLITCH had the pleasure of touching base with Magda, and getting her twist on what is in, and what is out, this May.

In List For May 2024

  • Upcycled Sportswear
  • Mini mini mini shorts and tights
  • Spending less on high- end brands, and spending more on collections from emerging designers.
  • Investing in unique one-off pieces
  • AI memes (who doesn’t want to see Shrek partying in a pink glittery dress?)
  • Anything that is inspired by Marie Antoinette!
  • Instagram (let’s make it great again….. no?)

Out List For May 2024

  • Luxury & minimalist fashion and homeware (we want to see more personality!!)
  • Digital camera selfies
  • TIKTOK SHOP VIDEOS (please make it stop!!)
  • Matcha lattes
  • Overconsumption (unboxing videos aren’t it anymore….)

What do you hope will become consumers’ main buying focus this month?

I hope consumers will look towards emerging designers more when thinking about their Spring fashion and homeware purchases. I’ve noticed that there is a boredom brewing – people don’t enjoy seeing the same designer items over and over again, like those Miu Miu micro shorts, the Prada nylon mini skirts, or that Cartier bracelet etc. Whilst personally I actually quite like a lot of these “overly marketed pieces”, I get the impression that many people are feeling “fashion-tired”. I think the solution lies with emerging brands, that are creating unique, and limited one-off pieces. These pieces and collections tend to be timeless also; they don’t follow trends or seasons. Currently, I’ve had a fascination with upcycled and reworked sportswear on Instagram and Depop, and I think this is going to be my key purchase for Spring.

What innovative products do you think consumers will be ready for in May?

I’ve started using AI image-improving apps recently to help improve any fuzzy pictures that I like and want to post on Instagram – and it’s made me a lot more accepting of AI products! And, I sense that other consumers are starting to feel the same way; AI memes are all I see on my IG FYP at the moment!

What will make its stamp on social media in May?

Everyone’s pre-summer fits!!! Finally! So lots of mini shorts probably….

Which emerging brand should be on our radars as Spring blossoms? 

Lovett World is definitely a key brand that should be on your radar. There’s exciting things coming from him soon and he is currently selling the cutest, most fun hats ever.

What or who is your current style inspiration? 

In the past I’ve said Julia Fox, Nadia Lee and Sita Bellen, who have amazing style both fashionably and when it comes to creating content, but at the moment I’ve actually not looked to anyone in particular for style inspiration! If I see something I love, I’ll have my own way of styling it in my head, and I feel like I’ve finally got to a great point in my career where I really trust my own styling judgement!

What colour palettes, patterns, and materials do you predict for the next fashion season?

  • Office-core – Stripes, unique tailoring, lots of belts and interesting silhouettes – KIMHEKIM AW2024/5 comes to mind!
  • Oversized furry coats
  • Boho revival
  • Fruit prints 
  • Lots of grey
  • Loungewear that’s turned into statement wear – UNDERCOVER and Ottolinger come to mind…..
Written by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine
Words by Magda Kaczmarska


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