GLITCH’s Ones To Watch, March 2023


Cherry Massia 

Cherry Massia, hailing from Seville, is an emotionally charged fashion maison iconised by deep reds and femininity. This brand stands out, seamlessly blending punk-inspired tees with the delicate interplay of lace, celebrating a female sensuality that is conceptualized through artfully revealed and concealed skin. Bareness and nudity is an experiment within their designs, with draped, haltered, and strung pieces segmenting the female form in different ways. Their latest SS24 collection, “Eros y Psyche,” made a stunning debut at 080 BCN Fashion Week, painting the runway with silhouettes reminiscent of ancient Greek amphorae and mythical protagonists. Cherry Massia dances on the edge of lustful and playfully ironic. GLITCH feels that this type of design will strike a chord with a youthful audienc, who are yearning for a splash of vibrancy in a too-often muted and dulled fashion landscape. 

Ksujen Brand

Ksujen, a CG artist with a flair for crafting digital attire, transforms the concept of clothing with dynamic, pixelated designs. Her creations range from oversized pink wearable bows to dragon-adorned corsets, redefining our concept of fashion, and expanding it beyond the physical realm. At just three years old, the brand has already made a mark with its highly exclusive, limited-edition drops, and has gained recognition for crafting unexpected designs Operating predominantly as a virtual atelier, Ksujen fosters a mindful ecosystem that invites users to explore, shop, and experiment with fashion right from their smartphones. Known for her distinctive cosmic aesthetic and the ability to push themes to their futuristic limits, Ksujen stands at the forefront of digital fashion innovation. As a brand led by one forward thinking individual, Ksujen’s capacity to tap into both digital and physical fashion audience is one to be monitored.

Melke NYC

“Easier isn’t necessarily better,” stands as the guiding principle of Emma Gage’s creative journey, the visionary behind Melke NYC. Raised in a family deeply committed to combating human trafficking and promoting fair labor, Gage’s education in design further cemented her resolve to establish a brand epitomizing transparency. She crafts “seriously unique luxury collectibles” with an unwavering commitment to the planet and humanity.

The pieces are a stitched embodiment of joy, and sing loudly of the freedoms of thoughtfully paced fashion. Melke NYC made to order pieces are cherished gifts, woven from nature and stamped with nature inspired prints from 80s florals to embroidered crocodiles, to peaches, to birds to botanicals. Melke NYC’s made-to-order treasures, adorned with nature-inspired motifs from ’80s florals and embroidered crocodiles to peaches, birds, and botanicals, are woven narratives of nature’s beauty. The brand’s playful, print-driven designs have not only captured GLITCH’s attention but also its dedication to sustainability and its ambitious vision to redefine fashion from the ground up.


This fresh-faced Scandi brand, led by the visionary Elisabet Stamm, is founded on the belief that inspiration is omnipresent. Elisabet infuses the brand with her personal  “low-high” philosophy. She frankly suggests that inspiration can strike anywhere – from the depths of one’s soul to the aisles of a local supermarket, from a memory to landscape. “Stay grounded (low) but aim high, and you’ll capture what’s meant for you,” she advises. Named after the concept of Scandinavian globetrotting, Elisabet reimagines Nordic design with a modern and couture twist, positioning the brand perfectly within the contemporary trend of a redefined luxury. The collection confront dualities and antithesis, and Elisabet crafts looks that are both accessible and luxurious, avant-garde yet wearable. Signature style notes include exaggerated silhouettes, balloon sleeves, and dramatic oversizing, all which promote a fluidity to the way we see gender, dress code, and hierarchy in fashion. 

Writen by Hebe Street from GLITCH Magazine


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