GLITCH January 2024 Trend Predictions with Masha Hauberk


As another year swiftly draws to a close, GLITCH is gazing into the future to unlock the next set of trends that may enter the spotlight to kick off 2024. Here at GLITCH Magazine, we’re delving beneath the surface to highlight the everglow of out-of-the-box, next-gen, futuristic thinking. This month we had the pleasure of connecting with the fashion CEO, designer and owner of Kolchuga Fashion House ( on IG), and co-founder of Shu Shu (@shushu.mag on IG), Masha Hauberk. As a forward-thinking, conscious trend-setter, Masha has amassed a dedicated following over social media where her ethereal content and unique aesthetic sparks a chain reaction of curiosity. What will January 2024 bring to the world of fashion and tech? Masha Hauberk gives her insight.

What do you hope will become consumers’ main buying focus this month? 

It seems like this month everyone will be buying absolutely everything with bows. Even I would have kept up with this trend by wearing shorts that have a bow on the butt, however, unfortunately, no one has made these in my country yet. So instead, I sewed them myself!

What innovative products do you think consumers will be ready for? 

Recently I saw reels of the brand LEEANN HUANG (@leeann.huang on IG) with clothes that changed images through what seems like a lenticular effect. I think in the era of AI, everyone is waiting for innovation in clothing. Reminiscent of the backpacks from childhood that had alternating images, I think that “living clothes” will win the hearts of many in the near future. People still want to see magic in the flesh. 

What will make its stamp on social media in January?

In my world of social networks this year, @jizifanfan and her other-worldly fashion videos continue to leave their mark. 

Which emerging brand should be on our radars this winter? 

I don’t want to miss this opportunity to say my brand deserves your attention! Each month I apply new knowledge of fashion to my products and believe that I can revive couture in my country, creating fashion on an artistic level for the whole world. 

What or who is your current style inspiration?

Every day I view and save a lot of content on social media networks, so I will generalise and say that my style, from observation and an attempt to bypass what is trending, provides a huge basis for thought and creativity in terms of style. When I didn’t have money for clothes, I learned to make them from scrap materials and I’m glad that I still have this skill. 

If we talk directly about names, then Alessandro Michele is my main inspiration. His works look like art to me. I am proud that I live in a time of such genius. He has also had a strong influence on the creation of my clothing brand. 

What colour palettes, patterns, and materials do you predict for the next fashion season?

Of course, the trend of red and burgundy will continue. For me, the combination of black and dark red has remained relevant throughout the years. Satin and fur will definitely sparkle again in all fashionable wardrobes. I think they will be perfectly mixed with coloured lace. The red lace, fitted dress with a hood has already blown up my Instagram. Personally, I’m waiting for everyone to pay attention to velvet again. 


With January 2024 just around the corner, what trends do you predict will influence the next chapter of fashion? 

Written by Ashley Jade Callahan from GLITCH Magazine

Words by Masha Hauberk


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