EON Digital ID’s Reshaping The Future of Fashion And The Planet


GLITCH has been busy investigating the future of fashion and the planet: digital passports. The EU is introducing a compulsory digital product passport for any textiles sold in the EU by 2030. Digital passports show transparency in the production supply chain, giving consumers transparency as a means to authenticity and quality assurance. We spoke with EON,  who have created a digital ID with end-to-end product traceability. They have worked with Chloé, Coachtopia, and Net-a-porter and have been able to implement circle resale programs and systems that are aiding sustainable practices. 

How is EON working with brands to create circular resale programs?

EON’s Digital ID technology enables brands to streamline the customer resale experience while increasing efficiency, scalability, and profits. The EON Product Cloud platform creates a digital twin of every physical item, enabling brands to capture, store, and easily exchange product data with resellers. EON pioneered the launch of instant resale, which enables customers to scan a QR code or tap an NFC chip on an item they own to instantly upload it to a brand’s own resale site or specific marketplaces—without needing to manually type in the product’s name, size, color, and other details.

EON’s Digital IDs also give customers an easy way to access products’ ownership history, verify their authenticity, and learn about their provenance. For example, for Chloé, EON is enabling the brand’s customers to buy and sell preowned items through a partnership with Vestiaire Collective. For PANGAIA, EON’s Digital ID technology allows customers to scan a QR code printed on an item’s label to easily upload it to the company’s ReWear resale site, which is powered by Archive.

Are there privacy concerns with Digital IDs for users?

EON primarily collects product data and stores only highly limited personal data in full compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Are there concerns about Digital IDs being replicated?

Digital IDs are designed to provide unique, verifiable identifiers for items, which can support brand protection and authentication. EON takes a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to brand protection. Our advanced machine-learning capabilities power our verifiable QR codes, making them secure and resistant to counterfeit attempts. These QR codes go beyond standard measures by incorporating additional, cryptographically verifiable data for enhanced security and authentication.

We’re committed to setting new standards in brand protection, and creating trusted, secure, traceable, and more valuable products.

How successful has Chloé’s instant resale initiative been?

EON has seen interest in its solution increase following the Chloé launch, with many other brands looking to follow in Chloé’s footsteps and create a more seamless customer resale experience.

How can brands best utilize digital IDs to connect with consumers?

Digital IDs turn products into media channels that engage customers well past checkout. The EON platform enables brands to deliver innovative experiences across the purchase journey, driving customer engagement and lifetime value. Customers can simply scan the label on a brand’s connected product with a smartphone to access information such as the item’s provenance and sustainability impact and authentication details as well as unlock other capabilities such as instant resale, virtual styling, repair services, and exclusive offers.

Written by Amber Weir from GLITCH Magazine

Words by EON Team



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