Behind the label: a feature with Li Mo
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Li Mo is a fashion designer who grew up in Shenzhen, China. At 16, Li Mo moved to America and started their journey into the fashion world. Mo’s work beautifully reflects her experiences living in Eastern and Western cultures. “I think artists need something different and unique to create something innovative. The cross-culture has inspired me and you can see that in my designs.” 

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA degree in 2020, Mo has continuously worked towards gaining more industry experience and technical skills. Mo is now living in Los Angeles, where she has been working on building her own brand MO, and working as a technical designer for Miaou. “It is important for me to grow by improving my technical skills. It’s not always about designing. Sometimes it can be hard to do both, but I am a creator and I want more knowledge.” Li Mo’s work is distinctive, reflecting her creative mind and distinct personal experiences.

Li Mo’s brand “MO” just launched an impressive 8-looks and 19-piece collection, “TOMORROW.” The debut collection is inspired by wabi-sabi styles and blends with industrial construction concepts. MO is a brand with a contemporary style focusing on precise details and a timeless perspective combined with eclectic use of materials. 

TOMORROW is highly textured and plays with silhouettes, making the designs appear like sculpture pieces. One of Mo’s designs looks like a simple box leather jacket at first glance, but “there is a wire in the center that connects with 3D printed trims, making it easy for the wearer to move around. It looks like the silhouette is very minimal and simple, but when you look further something is interesting inside of it.” The collection rewards the viewer, who looks carefully as there are a multitude of details waiting to be seen. The movable aspect of the jacket makes it more personalized for the person wearing it, allowing them to infuse their style into Mo’s work. 

Mo’s designs were underpinned by Japanese philosophy, wabi-sabi. The concept finds beauty and acceptance in imperfection. By using materials such as faux leather and wire in TOMORROW, the designs can enhance the character due to their uniqueness and make the clothing feel approachable.

The collection is also defined as being minimalist, due to the monochromatic color choice. “I always wear black, because there are so many different meanings in the color. For me, it is always really quiet, with a sense of elegance. So that’s something I want to put into my clothes. I want my designs to be Eternal, a classic piece and I feel like black can enhance that.” The color black warrants a deeper look at the quality and materials, echoing the interplay between light, texture, and feelings. “It is a power of authority there that makes my collection feel like it is not just womenswear. I put on a lot of menswear masculine silhouettes.” Mo’s designs are complex, with narratives embedded within them.

Li Mo is an innovative designer, shaking up the industry with interesting and distinctive designs. We at GLITCH are so impressed by the craftsmanship, storytelling, and meaning within TOMORROW and can’t wait to see what Li Mo does next!

Written by Amber Weir from GLITCH Magazine


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